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Six Benefits of Art Therapy plus more....

Made this little infographic tonight! It was hard to narrow it down to just six benefits. I really can think of so many more. My goal is to help spread the word on how much healing can take place in an art therapy session(s). It is amazing. I've been a registered art therapist (ATR) since 2003 & I have seen so many clients benefit from their creativity. For some, art therapy provided a safe space to process traumas. For others, it has been a way to explore family dynamics and address relationship issues. I've also worked with many clients who have used our sessions & their creativity to identify needs and clarify future goals.

In addition to being asked about the benefits of art therapy, I'm often asked how does one become an art therapist. I promise to address that in a future blog post soon. In that post, I'll share about both my personal experience and about the process, in general. I'll also write another post soon on what an art therapy session looks like. In the meantime, if you would like to work with an art therapist in the Los Angeles area, please reach out. My email is and I'd be happy to help. And if you stumbled upon this blog post, but don't live in the LA area, please look at this directory:

This directory of art therapists is maintained by the American Art Therapy Association. Their website has tons of info regarding art therapy and the benefits of working with an art therapist.

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