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Mental Health & Wellness Weekend Reads- what I am reading, rereading, & listening to. Volume 3

1) Washington Post Article: "Many new moms are ‘cleared’ six weeks after birth. But the postpartum period isn’t over."

Medical News Today: "EMDR therapy: Everything you need to know"

Looking for an effective treatment for trauma? According to the EMDR Institute, more than 30 controlled outcome studies on EMDR therapy have shown that it has positive effects. In some of these studies, as many as 90% of trauma survivors appeared to have no PTSD symptoms after just three sessions. Other studies that the EMDR Institute cite showed very positive outcomes for the majority of participants after six to 12 sessions.Organizations such as the WHO, the APA, and the Department of Veterans Affairs currently recommend EMDR as a treatment option for PTSD. In addition to treating trauma, EMDR is also shown to be effective with depression, anxiety, self harm and negative self defeating beliefs. Check out the article for a brief explanation of the 8 phases of EMDR and how eye movements are used during sessions. Experts believe that remembering the traumatic events while performing rapid eye movements allows the brain to process these memories correctly and integrate them into the story of the person’s life. If you are interested in learning more about EMDR or would like to discuss if you are a candidate for EMDR, please reach out. Happy to answer any questions and provide EMDR if it could help you.

3) "How to stop your brain’s addiction to bad news. Your brain is wired to pay attention to bad news. Here’s how to hack that." (A Fast Company Article)

A Fast Company article that highlights our "negativity bias". Negativity bias our tendency to pay more attention to unpleasant news. Which explains why consuming news first thing in the morning is not the best thing to do. Article also gives tips on how to combat the negative news cycle, slow down & pick your battles.

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