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Hi! Welcome to my Mental Health & Wellness weekend reads.

Throughout the week, I find myself noticing all sorts of interesting and helpful articles. Whether it be from the New York Times, NPR, or facebook, I am always coming across things that I want to save & use later, so I thought I would start a round up of helpful (and hopeful) weekend reads. The only problem is I haven't figured out to link to the articles in the image below. So I will just add them here too:

1) First Article: FACE COVID’ is a set of practical steps for responding effectively to the Corona crisis. This e-book was written by Russ Harris, the founder of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Here’s a quick summary of the key steps, and this article explores them all in more depth:

F = Focus on what’s in your control

A = Acknowledge your thoughts & feelings

C = Come back into your body

E = Engage in what you’re doing

C = Committed action

O = Opening up

V = Values

I = Identify resources

D = Disinfect & distance

2) Having Disturbing Thoughts as a New Parent? Here is an article on how to cope with intrusive thoughts. Intrusive thoughts can be terrifying & we all have them at some time or another. Most times, we don’t give those thoughts much attention, but when stressors and responsibilities increase, it can be harder to ignore them. Exercises, like distancing, noticing the thought and letting it be can reduce parents’ anxieties. Article also discusses the importance of building a support system, whether it be a partner, family, friends or a professional- you don't have to navigate intrusive thoughts, depression or anxiety alone.

3) Please make time for this NPR article. Even though it is from 2018, it is still very relevant today. It is about Titus Kaphar. His artwork work confronts the history of slavery and racism in the United States. He takes images and remakes them in a way that makes one think. The power of art. Making one's voice heard and challenging the status quo.

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