Gibson, LPCC, ATR

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

& Art Therapist 


Providing Art Therapy,

Counseling & EMDR sessions

for individuals ages 10 and up.


Office located in Playa Vista, Westside of Los Angeles, CA


Telehealth only at this time.


Kimberly Gibson

Hi! Welcome to my private practice website!  My name is Kim and I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and a registered Art Therapist (ATR)


Are you overwhelmed by anxiety?  Or stuck in a depression? Or just not feeling your best? Together, in individual therapy, we can explore what is going on.  We can implement coping tools that can help you feel better quickly.  We can explore how your thoughts are impacting your feelings and behaviors.  We can identify ways to set boundaries and communicate more effectively.  We can also work on understanding underlying needs and how to get those needs met in a healthy way.  Whatever your goals are, I am here to help.  I have over 18 years of clinical experience & enjoy helping clients navigate a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, chronic pain or illnesses. I also have advanced training in maternal mental health & EMDR training to treat trauma.  And many clients have no diagnosable disorder at all & just want a safe place to reflect and better understand themselves.  Please reach out for a free 15 minute consultation and learn about how we can work together to meet your goals. 


"I can only draw stick figures!"  I love when a client tells me that because, "Me too!".  I only draw stick figures & I got a D in painting in college.  For reals.  Fortunately, art therapy is not about the final product.  It's the process.  Through the process of creating (whether it be drawing, painting, sculpture, photo or collage)  one can problem solve, increase insight, improve self-esteem, relieve stress, decrease the impact of anxiety & depression, and cope with a physical illness or disability.  I have seen all of that happen as an art therapist. It's my favorite modality! All it takes is a willingness to try something new.  The act of creating can be healing & processing the artwork with a trained art therapist can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your experiences.


I enjoy helping women from conception through pregnancy & postpartum and beyond.  I have completed specialized training through Maternal Mental Health Now &  PSI (Postpartum Support International.)  Please know you are not alone and reach out, if you are in need of help around:


-Miscarriages or losses

-Postpartum Anxiety

-Postpartum Depression

- Birth Trauma

-Navigating New Motherhood

-Relationship Stressors

Please reach out for more info....
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